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Talking Point – Hot Trends for Websites in 2022/23

If you do a Google search on hot trends for websites in 2022, you’ll find lots of lists of all manner of things web-related. If you search on hot trends for websites in 2023, you’ll find the same lists, all dated 2022, so it seems that things are moving too quickly to predict what will be hot in 2023. Or maybe it will just be more of the same…

Some of the lists I found overlap, with common themes emerging - speed, artificial intelligence, easy access, to name a few. Rather than me going into detail about each one, which would take me forever, I’ve reproduced some lists below and added in basic explanations in case you’d like to do your own research on any that are of particular interest.

Web Development Trends

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) – these help websites to load faster and can work offline.
  • AI Chatbots – Artificial Intelligence chatbots will become more sophisticated by leveraging machine learning, natural language processing and information retrieval techniques. Expert has been working in this space with AI leaders, SimSage, since 2018.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – while this has been trending slightly down since 2020 it remains the most popular mobile technology used worldwide, probably because it’s also used by Google and Twitter. The technology behind AMP enables lightweight pages that load more quickly for smartphone and tablet users. It’s an opensource product.
  • Single-Page Application – these consume less space on servers and provide information in a single page without the need to navigate around. These dynamically update content without the need to refresh the page and they use the Angular JS framework.
  • Optimized Voice Search – also known as voice-interacted interface. These voice assistants have become more popular with the use of Siri and Alexa and this trend is expected to continue with around 55% uptake by households. Companies will be optimizing products and content strategy for voice search as this trend continues.
  • Motion UI – a front-end framework that enables fully responsive websites and mobile applications using predefined motions, such as slide, spin, bounce and transition. Expert has provided this feature in websites built for some of our clients.
  • Serverless Architecture – runs on cloud technology so only the service providers need to have servers; clients don’t need to have their own hardware Expert has been providing this service since the early 2000s! MoST is a SaaS product – ‘Service As A Software’.
  • Dark Mode Standardization – provides options for users to use a light or dark background. Expert’s own website was built using this technology way back in 2018 and it automatically switches between the two, based on the time of day that the site is visited.
  • Mobile-friendly Development – while this has been mainstream since 2015 for websites that Expert builds, geolocation has become critical for e-commerce websites offering one-click ordering. A mobile-first approach to web development has become essential for many organisations.


Website Needs

  • Mobile-First Design – over 55% of internet usage is from mobile devices and this will continue to grow.
  • Brand Transparency – important that your website shows who you are and what you stand for.
  • Page Speed – aim for a load speed of 2-3 seconds. This can be managed as part of the design. ...
  • Clear Message – great copywriting is key and make sure you keep it brief.
  • Varying UX – adapt your site for different user experiences; not everyone is the same and approaches to visits can vary enormously.
  • Landing Pages - specific destinations for a call for action – lock in leads here.
  • Neumorphism – just another word for creating a shadow effect, using rounded corners and subtle borders…
  • Calls to Action – helps visitors to know where to go to sign up for your offers, make enquiries or contact you.
  • Accessibility – while making websites accessible to people with physical disabilities, a new approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is necessary to create a more welcoming environment for people of less-privileged identities. Particularly important in work places, DE&I has become increasingly relevant in websites too.


In summary

So, what makes a good website, from a design perspective, in 2022? Apparently fewer words, calming colours, vivid imagery and very clear calls to action are all considered important. No real changes then from what has been happening to website design over the last few years, I guess. Page design will trend towards lighter weight experiences in terms of content, which will encourage users to explore deeper, rather than putting everything up front in one page. The days of busy websites have gone, with brand image, easy access and intuitive navigation more important than ever.

We can help you with all of the above. Just contact us when you’re ready to make those changes.


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