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We’ve been creating exceptional websites since the early dot com era. Here’s our story.

What started as a mutually beneficial business relationship between our co-founders Evan Bayly and Aaron Main, quickly turned into the partnership that holds Expert together to this day. Expert was originally established back in 1998 when Google was still based out of Susan Wojcicki’s garage, and a dollar could still get you a litre of petrol.

More than twenty years on and hundreds of websites later, we’re proud to say Expert is one of New Zealand’s longest running, most reliable web development and design companies around.

Check out our timeline below to see the highlights of our time creating exceptional work.

Our Timeline.

  1. 1998

    It all began with our two owners, Evan Bayly and Aaron Main. Aaron was working in an IT department of a large organization while also running his own web development business on the side. Evan was busy sharing his marketing knowledge as a Business Advisor and Consultant. When Aaron began to build websites for Evan’s clients the two quickly realised how their talents complimented one another.

  2. 1999

    As the “World Wide Web” gathered momentum, our resourceful pair became acutely aware that the IT market space yearned for a quality content management system that could offer support to those less acquainted with the technological jargon and skills that inherently came along with website building. They also recognised that website owners wanted to be empowered to make changes to their own website content without having to pay a development company a fee to ensure this happened. And so, MoST (Management of Site Tool) user friendly CMS (Content Management System) was born.

    MoST was quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ option for intuitive, flexible and cost-effective content management, Aaron and Evan had devised a practical and affordable solution to satisfy the mounting requests for web development.

  3. 2000

    Expert Developments Ltd was incorporated as an official company on the 1st of April 2000.

    Aaron continued to make improvements to MoST until Version II was ready for release. This enhanced version was the product that really separated MoST from other CMS products. Users could now manage their entire enterprise with its in-depth membership, e-zine and event management tools.

  4. 2001

    Expert’s Wellington office opened on Tennyson Street, in the heart of the creative quarter, as our client base and team of experts continued to flourish and grow.

  5. 2005

    Business as usual would see MoST Version III’s launch in 2005 and this was made fully e-commerce capable by 2006.

  6. 2007

    Expert broadened development services into the global financial sector with the creation of NZdata Service, which is still used for financial market data collection and dissemination today. This application was the start of our continued presence as a reputable application developer in the financial market locally and overseas.

  7. 2009

    Expert’s first official re-brand commenced along with a website re-design.

  8. 2011

    Following the devastating Christchurch earthquakes, Expert established an enhanced and enlarged disaster recovery protocol system.

  9. 2012

    Expert began advocating the increased benefits of using social media, apps and mobile-friendly websites for businesses, and also introduced a sophisticated cloud-based system to meet the needs of a major client’s accounting requirements.

    Over the following years, often through word of mouth, more large membership organisations approached Expert for help with creating and managing their websites and complex membership databases. Thanks to a balanced combination of continued technical support and having a user-friendly infrastructure platform (MoST), Expert could meet their requirements.

  10. 2014

    After 14 years in business, Expert has helped build the online capabilities of thousands of organisations, from small one-person businesses to local body councils and government departments. MoST’s ongoing development meant that Expert was able to cater for a range of clients with the most basic of CMS requirements, to a full-blown ecommerce website with online payments, membership and event management.

  11. 2018

    Aaron and Evan, along with Expert’s team of specialists, continue to discover just how well their varying and diverse skills complement each other when it comes to developing, designing, marketing, supporting … and well, almost anything else that’s necessary to create and manage exceptional websites.

  12. 2019

    Two new big developments have been undertaken at Expert this year. We’ve been working in the artificial intelligence space and became the NZ agents for SimSage. We’ve also created a Member Management System which is a bespoke CRM database tool that helps you streamline, manage and engage with your membership in one central location. We developed this for Iwi to use and it can be applied to a wide range of similar groups.

    In June 2019 Expert also trialled a ‘four-day working week for five days’ pay’ for our staff. This was a resounding success and was permanently adopted in September 2019. Staff have a better work:life balance and productivity increased significantly as a result.

  13. 2020

    Covid dramatically changed everyone’s life and Expert was no exception. We were already prepared to operate from our homes as part of our disaster recovery planning, so the transition was seamless. We continued to build websites and applications and helped our clients to diversify their operations by using technology to a far greater extent.

  14. 2022

    2022 was a pretty unsettled year for many and Expert rode it out by concentrating on developing some new software which will be launched as soon as we complete all the necessary testing.

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