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“Due to a technical error…” - Telling Porkies

When technical errors might actually be human error...

Building Great Online Relationships

A look at ways to keep customers happy and expand your client base online...

Google Analytics Reports, SEO and you!

In the same way we're reliant on the internet to talk to pretty much everyone, we're also reliant on it for running our businesses.

Talking Point – Website Audits

When did you last take a look at your website?

Agile or Waterfall? Which project management method is best?

Which method works best depends on a variety of factors that can differ for each project...

Talking Point – Unrealistic Expectations

Do you ever wonder if technology has gone too far in thinking for us?

Talking Point – Pet Hates and Necessary Evils

a light-hearted look at living with technology

Domain Names - Losing your identity

We hear a lot in the news about identity theft and it’s certainly worrying if it happens to you.

Talking Point – We are Expert

Expert is one of Wellington’s longest established web design and development companies...

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