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Lead Generation vs Lead Conversion

Needing to get more leads and sales from your website? Getting frustrated at the lack of return from all your online effort? Then maybe it’s time to look at not just what you are doing, but equally importantly, how you are doing it.

In today’s world, more than ever before, your online performance is key to your business success. You’ve probably been spending your precious time… and money… on Google Ads, Facebook, SEO (just to mention a few). And not getting the desired results.

So, let me introduce you to one area that I really focus on. It is best summarised up into one key phrase, “Lead generation vs lead conversion”. The common problem for many businesses is they focus on generating leads to their website or Facebook page, but don’t equally take the time to consider why they are not converting these online visitors to a paying customer.

So where are the common pitfalls that I commonly observe:

  • NOT using a compelling and persuasive style of communication around your products and services.
  • NOT focusing on communicating the ‘benefit’ and more just talking about the features.
  • NOT keeping it tight and focused on your target market - their needs and their problems.
  • NOT having the key information clear and central.
  • NOT including testimonials or ‘social proof’ statements, to help them have confidence in your product or service.

I appreciate now is a challenging time for many businesses, with a greater need for your marketing to perform. Maybe it is time to review your strategies, messages, and activities.

Interested? Want to know more? I offer a free consultation, to help you get a greater understanding of how I can help your business through these uncertain times. Contact Kathryn Schimanski kathryn@aztera.co.nz


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