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Effective Engagement with Email Marketing

Ezines, and e-newsetters are both terms used commonly in the world of email marketing

These tools are becoming increasingly useful to those wanting to increase their customer base, and engage with their customers through a low cost tool with easily measurable ROI.

The most common objectives when designing an email marketing strategy are:

  • Driving visitors to your site
  • Generating sales / leads directly
  • Raising awareness of your product, organisation, or objectives
  • Keeping in contact with your customers and general relationship management.

As there are a range of objetives to email marketing, the way in which they are approached is also varying. As the goal of any marketing and promotion strategy is to tailor its format and content around the message and target audience, the same is true for email marketing.

While email CRM tools such as MoST can filter and segment your database by any criteria you choose, the establishment of an email template including layout and images that best communicates your intended message are also essential. Through these measures, credibility, and engagement are maximised. Things to think about when designing your email template include:

  • Who is your target?
  • What are your objectives? If there are multiple for a campaign, order them into a hierarchy
  • How do your email marketing goals line up with other marketing and promotion goals?
  • Are existing brand elements available for email use

The most significant consideration when developing your email marketing campaign is to keep it simple. Short, sweet messages capture engagement, and simple graphics and images display properly in email browsers. Make sure that the email is tested in multiple email browsers and is displaying properly, with all links functioning. A narrow design, with simple images will load quickly, and display properly. Keeping these basic aspects in mind will ensure a higher amount of your emails are read, and ultimately clicked through, helping your email marketing campaign reach its goals.

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