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Product News – improvements to MoST3

You might recall that in our June ezine we published a list of improvements that had been made to MoST3 and were currently being tested. I promised I’d let you know when they went live, so here’s an update. They have all been thoroughly tested and are now all live. Yay!

Just to recap, here’s what they are

  • Extended the Client Management Reporting component to allow collections or reporting items to be saved under a group, making it easier to retrieve commonly used reports. Modified the dialog window to open to the full with of the browser window to make it easier to read reporting items. Added an export process to export our raw data in a CSV format.
  • Added functionality to the QR Code attendance reporting process so once a QR code has been scanned and the applicant has been set as attending the event, the coordinator can optionally print a label for the attendee. A label printer is required and needs to be paired with the mobile device.
  • Added a webinar URL field to the event management component and modified the confirmation email and iCal email to include a link to the webinar URL, if specified.
  • Improved the export and import process to use Excel spreadsheets instead of a combination of CSV and TAB delimited files. You can now use the same file that is exported for importing.
  • Added ability to send selected invoices from the Transactions list.

And two new things have been added -

  • We’ve upgraded the Xero connector to support oAuth2.0 as required by Xero.
  • We have added Stripe as a payment gateway.

And another improvement has been made -

  • We’ve improved the Xero reporting to describe actual issues with Xero, with links to perform Google searches on those issues for more explanation, and added a subscription report that reports on inconsistences when an expiry date is less than the invoice’s paid date.

If you would like to know more about any of these changes, or have any questions, please send me an email Beverley.main@expert.services and I’ll find out the answers for you.

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