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Online Opportunities to Help Increase Kiwi Business Success

''Businesses which aren't embracing the internet are missing out on real competitive advantages, and that means losing market share...'' NZIER economist Shamubeel Eaqub

Kiwi businesses need to utilise the opportunities available in today's (and tomorrow's) online environment. The online tools providing these opportunities allow for businesses to increase their productivity and efficiency through using the resources they possess, more effectively.

In particular, businesses using cloud services are realising huge cost savings in a range of areas within their business. But first, let's explain what a cloud service or cloud computing is - it's the accessing of software, services and information over the internet from any location and through nearly any device.

Cloud services allow for cost savings in areas such as IT Management, software licensing and upgrade expenses, and many other areas. These savings provide businesses with opportunities to better use their finances elsewhere, such as in developing and enhancing their market offerings, removing admin costs that have previously been passed onto clients or through increasing their marketing budget to attract new customers. In turn, these will increase demand for the businesses services.

The ability to add mobility to the business and to work remotely is also vitally effective. Mobility enables the company to improve and sustain high levels of Customer Relationship Management, due to employees being able to access relevant information wherever they may be. Working remotely provides a valuable option for businesses to become increasingly flexible, with the location of its workers not limited to being in the same premises, city or even country as the business.

Cloud services can act as an effective way to improve collaboration between teams and businesses. The sharing of information becomes increasingly quick and seamless due to enabling access to the information on almost any device with an internet connection. The ability to allow customers' access to a business's cloud storage is also excellent for collaboration, as the delivery of the service provided increases in efficiency.

Still, not all small to medium-sized New Zealand businesses have their own website. Businesses can't solely rely on word of mouth, or being found through an agency's website to bring in business. Customers always want to know more about a business before simply enquiring about the services they offer. To succeed in today's online environment a website needs to showcase a company's branding, services and point-of-difference; contact details should be easily found and it should portray the professionalism of the business to the customer.

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