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Building a Website is like Building a House

A website build and design process is very similar to building a house. Though a website is virtual, the processes and procedures are very much alike. From the planning to the execution, it takes a decent amount of work from multiple experts. If done properly, the finished product is looking great, caters for your needs, and is secure from all elements!

Building requirements or Functional requirement

This is the deciding point - what do you want in your house? How many bedrooms? Bathrooms? Storage? Car parks? Where you would like it all to go?  This is the equivalent of a website functional requirement.

What would you like your website to do, how do you want it to do it, and how would you like it to work are all part of the functional requirements. Deciding your site architecture and what your overall goal of your website all come into play during this part - its best to do your homework and come to the table with some ideas of what you like.

Plans and System specification

Once you’ve decided on your house plan, often an architect will draw up the plans for the house which indicate load bearing weights, materials to use, utilities, etc.  This is the equivalent of a system specification.

The developer and designer will go over the functional requirement of the website and analyse how everything will work together. They will then decide what parts of the system to incorporate - e.g. the event management component, membership management, and/or e-commerce.

Quote and Timelines

The architect's plan is then used to contract a builder to quote on the build stage of the project.  Accepting the quote often comes with a progress payment so the builder has the funds available to commit the resources to the build.  Timelines for the build are then determined (which can be changed due to complications that arise). This is the equivalent of the website build process.

The designer, developer, and account manager each go over the proposal and cost of the website and then decide what the quote will come to. Each use their expertise and knowledge to analyse the information about the website build and how long it will take them to do the work (this can sometime change as complications may arise). Some companies may choose to invoice their clients for a percentage of the total cost, before work can be commenced. 

Additions & Alterations

Any additions and alterations to the existing plans are taken back to the architect who incorporates them into the plan and the builder then quotes on making the changes and specifies the extra time required to complete the build.  Once the quote is approved, the changes are integrated into the build and the timelines are adjusted accordingly.

Whether a website has already been built, or it is in the process of being built, often alterations need to be made or added to the quote to meet the clients’ new needs. If there are any alterations, the developer and/or designer, then figure out how to incorporate them into the website.


As the build progresses, the project manager reports the progress of the build as milestones are reached.

For a website build at Expert, we have the progress in sections. Firstly, the client will receive a wire-frame and site map of their new website functionality and an outline of the look and feel. Once those are signed off, the designer will complete the design concepts - what the website is going to look like once it is complete. From there, the website build starts.

Review and testing

On completing the build you review the building and anything that doesn’t meet the plans, or doesn't work as it should, is addressed by the builder. 

This is the equivalent of user acceptance testing, where Expert gives the client their website and they test it to ensure they are happy, and then we start the go-live process.

Moving in and warranty period

After the building has been accepted, you’re handed the keys and the final payment for the build is made.  The warranty period then comes into effect.

For a website build, we input all of your data and content and then hand you the virtual keys, make your website live and voila! Your new website is all go. From there, if you have any teething issues Expert can fix those and provide you with training on how to use your new website.


For more information or to enquire about having your website built or designed by Expert, contact us: us@expert.services.


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