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Official Website vs. Social Media Marketing

Nowadays it's common online marketing practice to use social media in tandem with your official website. However, the tone you employ and the information that you promote on each media often varies.

Characteristics of a quality official website:

Short and sweet: Your official website should clearly and concisely showcase all of the products and services your business offers. It should also show your company’s vision and provide evidence of the work that the company has successfully completed (e.g. case studies and testimonials).

Accessible product or service info: If the viewer is browsing web pages, other than your feature blog, they will often be at a later stage in the buyer’s journey compared to viewers on social media.

The buyer’s journey refers to the “active research process a buyer goes through” leading up to the investment in a product or service. This means that you’ll want clear and “easy to access” product or service information on your website.

Professional tone: The reputable information you are highlighting should then be communicated via a professional, concise and industry specific language. Using a language familiar to your sector will also increase SEO.

Informative features: Other common features that will contribute to your business vision and reliable reputation include blogs and articles – if you are writing them yourself you’ll want to keep in mind the consistent professional tone.

Ultimately, your website serves as an informational service for current and potential customers.

Characteristics of quality Social Media Marketing:

‘Conversation starting’ tone: Posts that are published on social media often evoke a conversation between business and reader, which contributes to the less formal atmosphere. A useful social media rule is that you should be able to have a conversation about any topic you post.

Educating audience on industry rather than product: Social media pages act as vehicles that promote interesting and delightfully helpful documents and messages in order to generate and maintain the attention of a wide and diverse audience.

‘Delightfully helpful documents and messages’ will typically appear in the shape of an interesting article from a reliable news outlet (itwill be even better if it’s a well-established source among your industry), a video clip, pictures or brief reflections on company vision.

Social media marketing is about educating the audience on the industry you are part of rather than constantly self-promoting. Occasional self-promotional post about special offers and new products are an exception to this.

Promote website features: Social media can also be used to promote important features and updated content from your website. For example, this blog is published on Expert’s official website and is also shared to our social media pages to increase traffic to our website.

In short, there are underlying differences in the communication style that should be adopted when publishing content on your official website compared to your social media efforts.

On the other hand, your social media pages can often promote the content of your website.

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