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Open-source Content Management Systems Lack Security

Websites designed using an open-source Content Management System (CMS) continue to feel the brunt of internet fraud and hacking activity. Protecting your website's data is a priority of ours and we put extreme measures in place to ensure its security.

Building a website on an open-source platform, such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, seems to be the cheap and quick fix to a potential business owners problem of not having a working website. The initial cost of this option appears to be relatively low; much like being able to see the tip of an iceberg. The real costs are below the water and can be extremely large relative to the upfront costs.

The lack of security that an open-source CMS provides can be detrimental to a business's website and can cause them to need to undertake a complete rebuild. A recent article published on Stuff.co.nz underlined the ease of hacking a website that doesn't have a high level of security.

An expert on cyber-security, Chris Hails, reported that cyber-attacks occur relatively frequently and do not necessarily target high profile websites. He also said, '' a lot of the hacks were automated, and triggered by vulnerability in the website or server software''.

Open-source CMS's require user to ensure that their own website's are secure. Chris stated, "if you're using a free tool like WordPress or Joomla, you have to ensure you keep your website (security) updated as you would your computer system''.

Why not leave your website's security business up to a professional, or in your case, an expert? Don't risk losing your data to a pathetic automated hacking programme, be proactive and call us at Expert (04 384 9833) to discuss our hosting packages

Don't be a victim to part of the more than $4.4m that was lost last year due to internet fraud in our country. Contact us today.

Click here to read the Stuff article on the Kiwi business that fell victim to a cyber-attack

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