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MoST Tutorial - Embed a YouTube Clip to a Website

How to embed YouTube clips and videos to your website

To load YouTube clips and videos to your website you will need to get some code from YouTube and embed (copy and paste) it in to your web page. You can upload your own clips video to YouTube or use a video you found on YouTube.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google? So using YouTube for all your videos will help with SEO. We suggest loading as many videos as possible to YouTube, to widen your reach on the internet, and make sure that your website url is included in the video description, and your account information, to help viewers find your website.

How to get code from YouTube:

  1. Go to the YouTube page that has the video on it
  2. Click on the “Share” button below the video, this will give you a link and some more options
  3. Ignore the link and click on the “Embed” button below it
  4. You will now see a box with the code you need in it (it should start with”<iframe”>”)</iframe”>
  5. Highlight all the code in the box and copy it

Note: Once you have clicked on the “Embed” button you will see other options such as the video size. You can use these to make the video bigger or smaller. Make sure you do this before copying the code.

How to place the code into your MoST website:

  1. Once you have copied the code from YouTube, open the document/page in MoST you wish to place the video on
  2. The wysiwyg editor should now be open, select “Edit Source” from the “Edit” drop down menu (this is where you can edit the html of a page)
  3. Find the place in the code that you want the video to be and paste the code from YouTube in (make sure it’s on a new line and has no TAGs around it) – e.g.
  4. Click “ok” to the bottom right of the editor, and then save your changes

Note: This code will turn up black and stay black after you save it.

Read our Tutorial on how to load files and images to your MoST website.

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