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MoST Membership Auto-responder Tutorial

Membership Auto-responder

As MoST power users are aware, MoST functions are continuously increasing in capabilities. MoST’s enterprise management system aims to enhance these four business objectives:

  • Collaboration
  • Participation
  • Automation
  • Added value

To keep things simpler for you, as a website manager / administrator, we have added another automation feature, which offers potential benefits in all four areas.

With this new facility, clients on our “Membership” package are now able to have a custom-designed email auto-responder that is sent to any member who signs up to your database online.

This tool will acknowledge their membership by email, and can be used to confirm any details they have entered, including their name, email address, password, and any other database field selected.

This function is now accessible through the dropdown menu of “accessories”, selecting “edit forms”, and “subscription properties”.

The auto-responder message area will be the third box across, as highlighted in purple. Use this message to thank members for joining, introduce them to benefits, confirm details and create open communication from the minute they join.

If you have any questions on this feature, or any other MoST feature, please contact us, leave a comment below, or phone our team on (04) 384 9833. We’ll happily talk you through it.

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