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Hot Tip – website speed tests

If you’ve ever undertaken a speed test of your website using a link provided by some well-meaning friend or colleague, you were probably disappointed with how slow your website is. Well, it’s not actually as it seems.

Unfortunately, the website speed tests that are used for New Zealand websites are actually created in other countries as there is no speed test available for New Zealand, so we have to rely on using overseas speed tests which won’t reflect the true situation in New Zealand. The latency between NZ and the USA is a quarter, and the latency between the USA and Europe is another quarter, so by the time a website reaches half way around the world it is half the speed that it is in NZ. This is why using an overseas website speed test doesn’t provide an accurate indication of website speed in New Zealand.

Real world observation/experience is the only true measure of your website’s speed.

If you’d like to know more about website speeds check out these links.

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