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Hot Tip - Reporting Problems to Your Provider

This month’s Hot Tip is about reporting problems to your provider.  Yes, unfortunately nothing is perfect and sometimes things can and do go wrong.  Whether it’s a pesky bug that appeared out of nowhere and without warning, or human error when someone did something they shouldn’t have, once it’s broken all you want is for it to be fixed, and fixed quickly.

To save everyone’s time, the more relevant information you can supply the better, as it provides a great starting point for the techies who are undertaking the investigation in order to fix the problem. Hard to believe but we do get error reports from humans with such little information as “There’s a problem with the home page” or  “I can’t log in”, or “The link’s broken”, without telling us what the problem actually is, or which link is broken.

Our techies deal with hundreds of different websites, and like fingerprints, no two websites are the same.  Often the person who is fixing the problem isn’t the same person who built the website, so they’re not familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the individual site.  The more help you can give them, the better.  Here’s a short list of helpful information they’d love to receive

  • Provide a clear and thorough explanation of the issue
  • Provide the address in the browser on the page you’ve found a problem with
  • Provide links to pages where there appears to be a connection
  • Provide a screen shot of the error message (use the ‘Print Screen’ key for the whole screen or ‘Alt’ and ‘Print Screen’ for a shot of the currently active window)
  • Send your requests to Technical Support support@expert.services and copy me in your email beverley.main@expert.services as it’s my job to manage this process

And remember the old expression that goes “If you’re not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem” - it’s so much nicer working as a team in these situations. 😊


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