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Expert Website Design Process - Stages 4 & 5 Build, Testing & Training

At Expert our website design process is broken up into 5 stages:

Stage 1: Briefing
Stage 2: Structure design
Stage 3: Concept design
Stage 4: Website Build
Stage 5: Website Testing and Training

In this article we cover stages 4 & 5 Website Build, Testing & Training

website design process - Build

Stage 4: Build

At this stage, (if you haven’t already) Expert will ask you to provide your site content. This is usually in Word documents and should match up to the site map page for page. You can also provide us with any images you wish to use. Please provide our designers with as much as you can so that the material can be entered into your website as quickly and smoothly as possible. As content creation can be a highly time consuming task, it is recommended that all content creation begins once sign-off of the site map has been achieved. If you require assistance with content creation, Expert’s marketing staff are able to assist on content aspects, and can provide search engine optimisation specialists to advise on key terms for your web content.


Website buildAt this point in the process Expert is building you a fully functioning site that will contain all your content. We may come back to you with some questions and issues as we build, but mostly we will be working away to meet the deadlines.


Our testing

Website testingMost of our testing will be done during the site build and integration in different browsers. However we do like to take one last look over the completed site before we let you see it.

website design process - Testing and training

Stage 5: Testing & Training


Website testingThis is your chance to check the site before it goes live and the public can see it. So make sure you are happy with all the content (proof read everything), navigation, image and functionality of the site. What you see is what you get!

It is a good idea to keep in mind that the web site will display minor differences in different browsers and from computer to computer. We try to minimise these changes (with testing) however it is the nature of the web and we cannot control how your website is viewed by the public, with individual user settings occasionally changing the display of websites from computer to computer.


ChangesThis step gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on the final site and allows for minor changes and improvements to be made before the site goes live. We suggest you take your time to fully assess the site and provide us with all your changes and issues at one time.

We will endeavour to make any last-minute changes you have and to deal with your issues as best we can. Hopefully we will only be making minor adjustments.


Website TrainingWe recommend at least two hours of training for anyone who will be updating the website. Our designers will train you in how to use the MoST CMS and your website. We think it’s best to have one hour before the website goes live and then another hour after you have been using the site for a few months, so we can go over any questions or issues you may be having. Even if you have used MoST before, we suggest that you come in for training. Each site has different functions and settings, and a refresh – update on your CMS - is always helpful.

Site goes live

Website liveEverything has been checked and double checked. You have signed off on each step along the way, you know how to use and update your website, so now it’s time for the world to see your new website.

To explore more detail on the stages mentioned in this summary, please feel free to contact a member of our project management staff. Our staff will work to ensure that each aspect and stage of your website development is explained to you clearly. Through the processes mentioned in this article, we will work to ensure that your website is a strong tool for your business / organisation, developed in a manner best fitting with your immediate and long-term goals. To contact our team, just leave a message at the bottom of this blog, including your email address / phone number, and we will be in touch

At Expert we don't just specialise in aesthetic website design, we design websites with strong usability and navigation. Find out more about Expert's website design process.

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