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Product News: SimSage - “Intelligent Automation of Customer Queries”

Expert is delighted to announce its relationship with SimSage – a New Zealand Artificial Intelligence/Search company now based in Cornwall, UK and owned and managed by two Kiwis, Sean Wilson and Peter de Vocht, to address the need that information-intensive organisations are struggling with.

We live in a data rich world and the amount of information now contained within websites means that it is overwhelming for customers to find what they are looking for within a reasonable timeframe. FAQs haven’t made this task any easier and so we look to technology to provide a better answer.

SimSage improves the customer’s experience by automating fast and relevant answers to their most common queries in simple conversational language that they understand. This in-turn allows an organisation’s staff to respond faster to more complex customer issues, overall improving customer satisfaction and retention.

SimSage solutions are tailored to industries, or even companies, as required, recognizing the particular language of those industries, including commonly-used acronyms and abbreviations.

“An online chatbot or an application based on conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platforms offers a viable option to reduce the amount of effort and time for a customer to search through the website, wait on the phone, or queue at a store”. IDC PeerScape: Practices for Implementing Chatbot and Conversational AI Platform Initiatives:  Chua, Cai, Tew, Schubmehl

SimSage solutions use the proprietary and innovative SimSage Artificial Intelligence platform containing machine learning and context-specific search technologies.

Expert has been involved with SimSage during the development of their product and is the New Zealand agent for it.  We’re now able to integrate the product into our clients’ websites and online ecommerce applications.  Work will begin shortly to promote SimSage to Expert’s clients and beyond, so watch this space to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and SimSage’s clever solution, or contact us direct.

To read more about SimSage click here.

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